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Altamont - SF/SJ to the Central Valley

The layout and design of the parking garage at the Mineta San Jose International Airport is perfectly suited to accept the addition of a high speed rail station.

After ascending to an aerial structure, the rail line would split to four tracks, providing loops for trains stopping at the airport station, and two mainline tracks. With the airport soon to undergo a major expansion, the rail station could integrated into the overall design of the complex. While the airport has yet to release detailed expansion plans, the roof of the existing parking garage seems to provide a perfect fit.

In the photo-simulation above, the station is shown on the easternmost parking lane on the upper deck of the airport's parking structure. The station would extend past the parking garage deck, over a portion of the airport circulation roadway. The building to the left of the photo is the entrance to the terminal building. The connection from the terminal to the two railway platforms would be one level down in the garage. The rail-air connection would be the closest of any envisioned anywhere along the line.

Due to the airport's proximinity to the regional highway system, this station would provide an excellent location for people who wish to drive to a station and park. Additionally, the established ground transportation providers at the airport would also be available to passengers on the high speed railway.


Leaving the airport, the railway remains on an aerial structure to cross US 101. It crosses undeveloped fields and turns to align with Trimble Road.

Empty land along N First Street

After crossing North First Street, the aerial structure runs above the median of Trimble Road. The median would be landscaped, to beautify the street.

Trimble Road looking east

The aerial would look much like the recently-constructed aerial for the VTA along Great Mall Parkway.

VTA Aerial

The aerial would continue east, running in the median of the Montague Expressway to Interstate 880. After crossing I-880, the line would curve onto the ex-SP right-of-way, transitioning from aerial to open cut by Great Mall Parkway.

A significant station for local trains would be built adjacent to the Great Mall, providing a direct interchange with the VTA's light rail system. Loop tracks would allow mainline trains to pass through the station without slowing.

ex-SP right-of-way in Milpitas

North of the Great Mall area, the line would return to grade, and utilize the ex-WP right-of-way, recently purchased by VTA. Many of the crossings are already grade separated.

Warm Springs Map

Passing loops and a station would be built for local trains at the site of the proposed Warm Springs BART station. The railway would remain at grade all the way to Paseo Padre Parkway in Fremont, where it would descend into a cut and cover approach to the junction with the Peninsula line.

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