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Topics include Transportation, Travel, Food, and Hobbies. Scroll down for each topic. Most videos are silent slideshows. Pause the video to pause the slideshow. Videos with sound are clearly identified.

A decade-long survey of Santiago Calatrava's Liege (Belgium) rail station. Includes construction in 2003 and 2004, and operations in 2014, with before and after comparisons.

Elevated railway tracks can connect and enhance cities. A quick survey of some examples that can be applied anywhere.

From 2008 - Some ideas still applicable to improve rail operations of the Caltrain Downtown Extenstion to the Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco. With Sound

Video of one German ICE train passing another one in the rain as they leave Mannheim station. With Sound

Informal video of a S-Bahn train from Leipzig arriving in the village of Lehndorf in Germany. Frequent rail service can be successful in small communities.

With Sound

Tasty images from Austria and Germany

With Sound

North - South across Europe, including Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, and Great Britian.

East - West across Europe, including Germany, Czech Republic, Slovokia, Hungary, Belgium, and Great Britian.

Besides the epic party in München, more Germany, Czech Republic, Belgiu,, and Great Britian.

Great Britian, Belgium, Germany, and Poland.

Germany, Austria, and Hungary.

Produced so my foodie friends can follow along with my gastronomic adventures as I travel. Pair nicely with travel videos.

Roadtrip through northernmost California

With Some Sound

A trip though Germany in two parts, starting with Trier, Koblenz, Wetzlar, and Lehndorf. Title honors Luca, the contact-tracing app used throughout Germany for indoor activities.

Take a loop from London through Paris, Barcelona, Valencia, Cordoba, Granada, Seville, Zaragoza, Vitoria, Bayonne, and London. Amazing and unique food everywhere!

Part two. Berlin, Düsseldorf, Brussels, and Köln.

Smørrebørd to Scotch Egg and everywhere in between. Copenhagen, Lübeck, Straulsund, Görlitz, Zittau, Dresden, Lehndorf, Zwickau, Freiburg, Milano, Stressa, Turino, Lyon, Marseille, London.

Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore- from before I started documenting every meal. Still, a great collection of beautiful and delicious stuff.