Appendix 1 - Cost Estimations

Although the intention of this proposal is to present a basis for further study and analysis, cost estimations have been included to allow a comparison of the expense of this proposal to previous proposals. The figures used in the cost estimations come from the University of California's Institute of Urban and Regional Development's Calspeed Study ( June 1992 ).

The Calspeed Study is a multi-volume report on the feasibility of construction and implementation of a Very High Speed Railway System between Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Their cost estimations methods combined figures from a number of major civil engineering projects, Caltrans cost estimates, and BART construction costs, escalating the prices to reflect current (1992) costs and the additional costs associated with construction projects in California. For this report, the combined Calspeed figures have been used to present a rough estimate of the construction costs of the Norton Project.

Due to the scope of the information available for this report, some assumptions and exclusions were necessary. To make a proper comparison with other proposals, further study will be needed.

Assumptions / Exclusions -

Scope of Project- For the purpose of assembling cost estimations, the proposal was divided into four segments. They are:

1. Peninsula Railway Connection- Railway from the 16th St. crossing into a new terminal.

2. Bay Bridge Railway Connection- Railway from the west anchorage of the Bay Bridge through a new terminal.

3. Downtown Regional Railway Terminal- Replacement for the Transbay Terminal.

4. Emperor Norton Boulevard- Boulevard and ramps connecting I-80 to the Embarcadero and Mission Street.

Cost estimations have been performed for the railway segments ( 1 & 2 ), and a partial estimate has been made for the construction of the Downtown Terminal. ( 3 ). No estimate has been made for the new Boulevard ( 4 ), but it can be assumed to cost less than the $100,000,000 project Caltrans proposes to replace the Terminal Separation Structure.

Estimates for segments 1 and 2 include all evident construction costs. They do not include right of way acquisition costs, or rolling stock costs. Engineering, Project Insurance, Management, and Utility Relocation costs are included in the contingency and add-on costs for each segment and sub-segment. Right of Way acquisition costs are assumed to be minimal, since only a small portion of the project requires the acquisition of private property.

Rolling stock acquisitions are not included in this proposal, because it is assumed that the entire CalTrain system will be electrified through a separate project. Previous extension proposals called for the acquisition of complex and expensive bi-modal (electric/diesel electric) locomotives, ignoring the possibility that electrification would take place on the remainder of the line. The current electrification feasibility study (Caltrans / Morrison Knudsen, October 1992) has indicated that electrification of the the entire line should be a top priority if service is to be expanded past the 66 train level. Since electrification of the line would require the acquisition of new electric locomotives or Electric Multiple Unit trainsets, and the downtown extension can be operated without any additional equipment, no rolling stock costs are assumed for this extension proposal. Rolling stock costs for segment 2 would be funded as part of the construction of the new Bay Bridge Railway.

Segment 3, construction of the Downtown Terminal is difficult to estimate without a specific design. The costs for segments 1 and 2 include the costs to construct the railway through the terminal building, leaving the demolition of the existing Transbay Terminal and construction of the passenger areas of the new terminal, relocated bus facilities, and park as the remaining costs. For this work, an allowance of $100,000,000 is budgeted. This amount does not include the construction of either building above the terminal, or the construction of the tunnel to Market Street. Also not included in the estimate for segment 1 is the Mission Bay Station, a project that should be the responsibility of the developer of the adjacent Mission Bay Project.

The demolition of the existing Transbay Terminal, and the remaining circa 1938 ramps are assumed to be funded out of the $100,000,000 Emperor Norton Boulevard project, from the savings in construction costs from the more complex Caltrans freeway proposal.

The alignment for segment 1 follows the route proposed by Caltrans' first Downtown Extension Study, a lower cost route than has been recently proposed in the Morrison Knudsen / JPB Study. The Caltrans routing re-aligns the railway beneath the I-280 freeway to the right of way of King Boulevard, where it descends into a cut and cover tunnel. This alignment has many advantages over the current proposal to simply relocate the current railway in a cut and cove tunnel along its present alignment. The Caltrans alignment eliminates the need for almost 1/2 mile of cut and cover tunnel, and provides a much wider curve through the China Basin area, allowing faster train speeds along the alignment. (The Caltrans alignment also completely avoids the 7th and Townsend Ballpark site.)

Spreadsheet Information

On the following pages, the total cost of the Emperor Norton Project is presented, along with spreadsheets covering the costs associated with each segment and sub-segment of the project.

Peninsula Railway Segment

Sub-Segment 1     Mission Bay: 16th St. - 3rd. St.       


Sub-Segment 2     Rincon Hill:  3rd St. - Folsom     


Sub-Segment 3     Terminal Area:  Folsom St. - End


Subtotal               $165,354,279.69

20% Contin'cy     $33,070,855.94

Total                    $198,425,135.63


Mission Bay Station


King Street Sewer Relocation


Bridge Railway Segment                    

Sub-Segment 1     Bridge Connection:  Bridge to Loop


Sub-Segment 2     Terminal Area:  Terminal Loop     


Subtotal               $77,403,500.00

20% Contin'cy     $15,480,700.00

Total                    $92,884,200.00


Build ramps for busses, not trains     ($10,091,000.00)

Downtown Terminal Segment     

Terminal Building: Construction Allowance


20% Contin'cy     $20,000,000.00

Total                    $120,000,000.00

Norton Boulevard Segment

Emperor Norton Boulevard: Caltrans Estimate     $100,000,000.00

20% Contin'cy     $20,000,000.00

Total                    $120,000,000.00

Estimated Project Total

Segment Totals     $531,309,335.63

Preliminary Cost Estimate - Peninsula Railway Segment           

Mission Bay Area     16th St. - 3rd St.          Length   .9 Miles          


Item     Qty.     Unit of Measure     Unit Cost     Amount

Grading     0.75     Track-Mile     $725.00     $543.75

Excavation     0     Cubic Yard     $3.50     $0.00

Borrow     0     Cubic Yard     $4.50     $0.00

Landscape / Mulch     0.75     Track-Mile     $3,640.00     $2,730.00

Fencing     0.5     Mile     $81,000.00     $40,500.00

Sub-Ballast     0.75     Track-Mile     $70,400.00     $52,800.00

Sound Walls     0     Mile     $835,000.00     $0.00

Crash Walls     0     Mile     $1,700,000.00     $0.00

               Subtotal     $96,573.75

               Contingency 25%     $24,143.44

               Subtotal     $120,717.19


Item     Qty.     Unit of Measure     Unit Cost     Amount

Standard Viaduct 20'-25'     0     Track-Mile     $7,000,000.00     $0.00

Viaduct 25'-100' Pier     0     Track-Mile     $12,500,000.00     $0.00

Viaduct 100' - 200' Pier     0     Track-Mile     $17,500,000.00     $0.00

Viaduct > 200' Pier     0     Track-Mile     $25,000,000.00     $0.00

Short Span Bridge     1     Each     $1,000,000.00     $1,000,000.00

Rural Grade Separation 0     Each     $1,000,000.00     $0.00

Urban Grade Separation     0     Each     $8,500,000.00     $0.00

Road Closure     0     Each     $50,000.00     $0.00

Depressed Section     0.5     Track-Mile     $8,000,000.00     $4,000,000.00

Cut and Cover Tunnel     1.5     Track-Mile     $17,500,000.00     $26,250,000.00

Standard Bore Tunnel     0     Track-Mile     $35,000,000.00     $0.00

Box Culvert     0     Each     $85,000.00     $0.00

Culvert     0     Each     $3,500.00     $0.00

Building Demolition     0     Each     $100,000.00     $0.00

Service Facility     0     Each     $6,000,000.00     $0.00

               Subtotal     $31,250,000.00

               Contingency 25%     $7,812,500.00

               Subtotal     $39,062,500.00


Item     Qty.     Unit of Measure     Unit Cost     Amount

Trackwork     2.7     Track-Mile     $760,000.00     $2,052,000.00

Catenary/Substations     2.7     Track-Mile     $900,000.00     $2,430,000.00

Signal/Control     0.9     Mile     $760,000.00     $684,000.00

               Subtotal     $5,166,000.00

               Contingency 25%     $1,291,500.00

               Subtotal     $6,457,500.00

               Segment Total     $45,640,717.19Preliminary Cost Estimate - Peninsula Railway Segment     

Rincon Hill Area     3rd St. - Folsom          Length   .65 Miles          


Item     Quantity     Unit of Measure     Unit Cost     Amount

Grading     0     Track-Mile     $725.00     $0.00

Excavation     0     Cubic Yard     $3.50     $0.00

Borrow     0     Cubic Yard     $4.50     $0.00

Landscape / Mulch     0     Track-Mile     $3,640.00     $0.00

Fencing     0     Mile     $81,000.00     $0.00

Sub-Ballast     0     Track-Mile     $70,400.00     $0.00

Sound Walls     0     Mile     $835,000.00     $0.00

Crash Walls     0     Mile     $1,700,000.00     $0.00

               Subtotal     $0.00

               Contingency 25%     $0.00