January 2020


Work on the Bay Area to Central Valley report lead to inclusion on three more environmental imapct reports, covering all the approved route from San Francisco, via Silicon Valley and the Pacheco Pass, to southeast of the City of Chowchilla in Madera County.

Now approved, the high speed train will run across Madera County on the northern side of SR-152. Overpasses will cross both the HSR and the highway, eliminating dangerous cross traffic.

Another alternative in the same area ran alongside a county road. Here, a long-span bridge carries the HSR across a waterway, allowing the columns to be placed completely outside the streambed. This alternative was rejected, in favor of the route along SR-152.

Another simulation of the HSR crossing above a county road in an area of orchards, fields, and farms.

A document containing all the simulations Architecture 21 did for the Central Valley Wye Project is available from the California High Speed Rail Authority's Website here.